We Are Open to the World

Students who graduate from FEBI will now be able to work anywhere in the world far more easily.

This was the message delivered during the keynote address presented virtually on Wednesday, November 4, as part of FEBI IAIN Samarinda Curriculum Workshop.

The curriculum is based on KKNI, a set of national standards adopted by the Indonesian Government with respect to teaching, learning and assessing competencies.

The new pedagogy also aligns with the best evidence on teaching Islamic Economics successfully. A short survey with our students further confirmed that students prioritized higher skills.

“Students don’t want us to only teach about Islamic business. They want to learn how to do the business and how to interact in real-life situations,” says Dean FEBI, Fathurrahman Azhari, who is the keynote speaker.

Vice Dean Syaugi Mubarak was also speaker of the workshop.

“For me this means we are open to the world without compromising our high standards,” says Syaugi.

Courtesy: www.entrepreneur.com

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