Visual Identity

Powerpoint templates

These templates, which form part of the FEBI’s visual identity, can be downloaded for use in any FEBI presentation.

When using the templates we recommend the following:

  • Don’t change the layout, colours or typefaces of the slides, or move or modify the logo
  • The font sizes have been set for ease of use and legibility, we recommend you do not reduce the size of the type below that shown in the templates. It is almost always better to cut the number of words and/or split the text across two slides
  • If you are using photographs, if possible save them at a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi) before importing them into your presentation. This will avoid creating an unnecessarily large file that is too big to email and making the slides slow to respond to your clicks.

Which template should you use?

For most internal presentations download the standard template. These have been designed to minimise visual stress.

  1. Purple
  2. White