FEIB Switches to Online Learning

FEIB students will be expected to leave campus by next Tuesday, FEIB management announced Monday, as the faculty switches to online instruction in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement was a dramatic stroke from a small but nationally renowned school: A growing number of colleges and universities have announced temporary shifts to virtual classes in recent days in response to the uncertainty and rapid pace of changes with the covid-19 outbreak. 

“The risk of having hundreds of people return to the campus is too great. The best time to act in ways that slow the spread of the virus is now. Let me make our decisions clear,” Rector Mujiburrahman said. 

Remote learning will begin after March 16, so students can complete coursework off campus. The campus will remain open and faculty and staff will continue with schedules, but students are expected to leave within days.

“Our goal is to keep members of our community as safe as we possibly can while ensuring that students can complete their coursework for the semester,” Dean Fathurrahman said.

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