Labs to Help FEIB Students Think Differently about Economics and Business

FEIB students will have the chance to think outside the box about economics and business starting this year with anew series of  “labs” from the faculty.

The labs will encourage students, freshman and up, to explore issues and think out-of-the-box, using a hands-on approach that goes beyond the typical classroom instructions, said Vice Dean Dr. Syaugi.

“They will further discover applications of the material they learn, unify different concepts and participate in hands-on activities with or without using computers,” Syaugi said.

Participating students will be able to talk with lectures and choose a project of their liking. They can also suggest their own project. They can take many labs over different semesters.

“It’s not a class but an activity or project, and the content is streamlined for each student,” Syaugi said.

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