Sustainability of Purun Craftsmen

Craftsmen in the village of Pulantani, Kecamatan Haur Gading, Hulu Sungai Utara produces handicraft products derived from purun. The types produced are baskets, bags, mats (lampit) and hats. The product has been well produced, but there are problems related to its business continuity which still not optimal. This research examines the sustainability of purun craftsmen based on three aspects of sustainable development; environmental, economic, and social aspects. This research using a qualitative descriptive as an analysize method with primary data source and secondary data source which obtained by some interviews and observations. The research was analyzed using the theory of three sustainable pillars to look at environmental, social and economic factors. The results of the study based on analysis using the theory of three sustainable pillars then based on environmental factors proved by the absence of hazardous waste produced purun products. From the economic pillars it brings change to the economic income of the purun craftsmen community. As well as social factors, the craftsmen community, “Kelompok Usaha Berkat Ilahi” has been running for almost 2 years and will continue for the next few years. This proves that the existence of the craft purun activity can provide prosperity to the economy and the people of purun craftsmen community.

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