The Importance of Kindness

The community of FEBI UIN Antasari has displayed the importance of kindness, last Friday.

Faculty members of FEBI UIN Antasari have created a “Aksi Jumat Bersih” to tackle the litter around the campus in Banjarmasin, to make a differnece to the community.

Since the pandemic, various factors have been added to the rise in pollution and litter during the pandemic such as an increase in single-use plastics and PPE.

Dean Fathurrahman Azhari, said:

“Our Cleansing Officers were so impressed with the volunteers. I also caught up with a group of them after a successful few hours of litter clearance and was able to say a massive thank you to them for their efforts”.

Fathurrahman says it’s the kindness that he’ll remember the most from her experience.

“We’re doing this united effort to clean up waste accumulated during the pandemic. While air pollution went down during COVID-19. And there is a lot more litter and pollution on land and in public spaces,” expresses Syaugi, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

“It’s amazing the difference this organization has made. Makes a better experience for those passing by here and walking along the campus,” shares Mahmud Yusuf, Vice Dean for General Administration.


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