Supporting South Kalimantan Flood Victims

Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI)-UIN Antasari is supporting South Kalimantan flood victims by holding a donation drive.

The faculty is looking for donations of the following: clothes, bottled water; cleaning supplies; and money.

The donation is expected to ease the burden on flood victims. “Hopefully the donations we provide can help ease the victims’ burden, especially our students,” said Dean Fathurrahman Azhari.

Meanwhile, students from various parts of UIN Antasari have joined hands to help flood-ravaged South Kalimantan find its feet.

Among many who jumped into action were students from FEBI. “We are in touch with other organizations in South Kalimantan which are helping people in HST, Kabupaten Banjar, Tanah Laut, and Banjarmasin,” said a student who was volunteering.

Courtesy: @Iman Satria/ Greenpeace

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