Preparing for Accreditation

Antasari State Islamic University (UIN Antasari) seeks comments from the stakeholders in preparation for a periodic evaluation by its national accrediting agency.

UIN Antasari will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit by a team representing the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT), the national authority on educational quality and effectiveness for higher education institutions in Indonesia. 

FEBI has been involved in a process of self-study that addresses the requirements and criteria for evaluation. 

As part of the regular UIN Antasari accreditation process, the evaluation team will visit UIN Antasari (online or offline) to gather evidence that the self-study report is comprehensive and accurate. 

Following its review, the team will make a recommendation to the BAN PT regarding continuing status for UIN Antasari. BAN PT itself will take the action regarding accreditation status.

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