Academic Environment

Explore what makes FEBI-UIN Antasari such a unique place to live and learn.

At FEBI-UIN Antasari, you’ll be immersed in an environment of unlimited possibility. Debate with classmates and lecturers who will open your eyes to new perspectives. Follow your imagination wherever it leads.

Academic Snapshot

A Place of Transformation

At FEBI-UIN Antasari you will learn in laboratories, libraries, and incubators. You can study abroad with your full need-based financial aid. Explore cutting-edge, funded research opportunities available year-round, and receive individual guidance and support from our Office of Career Services.

Great adventurers come to FEBI-UIN Antasari to learn, challenge themselves, and grow as students and human beings. They graduate with a fuller sense of who they are and how they can use their talents. Everything at this Faculty is designed to support that process of transformation. Explore the full range of FEBI’s curriculum. Your academic advisers help you choose your path and provide the guidance to get you where you want to go.