Public Perception of Islamic Insurance in Indonesia

The Islamic Insurance Student Assosiation, Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) UIN Antasari held a National Essay Competition (NEC) with the theme “Public Perception of Islamic Insurance in Indonesia”. The event was held virtually through the Zoom Meeting application, (5-24/01/21). To participate in this competition, each participant is required to create an essay individually.

This event officially opened by FEBI Dean, Dr Fathurrahman Azhari MHI. “Thank you to the participants who have participated in this competition. It is necessary to make good use of opportunities in this activity.” said the Dean.

The national essay competition was attended by participants who came from all regions in Indonesia. Existing participants come from various state and private universities in Indonesia. The competition was very engaging and opinions were expressed by both the judges, Ms. Noor Hasanah, MA and Ms. Elida Mahriani, MM.

The NEC winners:

1st Place – Ristania Salsabila Putri (Universitas Indonesia)

2nd Place – Aditya Firmansyah (Universitas Pancasakti Tegal)

3rd Place – Dewi Intan Hidayat (STIE Mandala Jember)






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