Promoting Prophetic Leadership

Basic Leadership Training of FEBI’s Student had taken place on December 2020 in Banjarmasin. Vice-Dean Muhaimin inaugurated the training, organised by the Faculty Student Council (DEMA) FEBI UIN Antasari.

Stressing on the need for promoting prophetic leadership in Islamic academic institutions, Muhaimin said that leadership training alone is not enough. Student must support and reward leadership, embracing the prophetic understanding that thinking involves spirituality.

A leader in Islam gives priority to the legitimate needs of followers over his own needs. He upholds tauhid and akhlaq as the root of his leadership belief system.

“Consequently, the problem of misuse of power can be managed properly through an act of piety by which one comprehends one’s role, as a khalifah,” he said.

Therefore, he said, learning does not stop. Students must update and develop their knowledges and technical skills.


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