Contemporary Islamic Economic Movement

Yulia Hafizah, Erissa Nilasari

This research intends to read the latest phenomenon related to the contemporary Islamic economic movement in Indonesia, by taking the scope of the study of the development of the 212 Syariah Cooperative partners in South Kalimantan.

The political movement that brought together a large number of Muslims to demonstrate on 2 December 2016 has had a powerful influence, not only on the political sphere but also on the economic dimension, which is seen as the root cause of the backwardness of Muslims. This research is a field study that took place in South Kalimantan: Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru and Kota Baru.

Data mining is carried out using in-depth interviews with informants who are considered to know the issues to be answered. Data analysis was performed using discourse analysis with interpretation techniques.

The findings of this study are that: First, the background of Muslims in South Kalimantan joined and established the Syariah Cooperative partner 212 due to the influence of spirit 212 that can offer something different but following the character of the people in the three cities that are more open and tend to be religious and cautious heart to the problem of muamalah. Secondly, the development of the Syariah Cooperative 212 partners showed positive developments. Third, the inhibiting factors are members’ understanding of the character of cooperative institutions which are still lacking, there are more pressing needs so that they attract savings funds, and the last regarding prospects for Sharia Cooperative 212 partners in developing the people’s economy is the presence of these cooperatives provides an alternative investment place and sharia-compliant shopping for the people in Banua and institutionally have the opportunity to become even greater if they do not limit themselves only to certain ideological groups, but to make room for others by sticking to the principles for the economic empowerment of the people.


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