Two Lecturers of FEIB Participated in APS 4.0

Training for Study Program Accreditation Assessors (APS) 4.0 is a training offered by National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN PT) which aims to share the new standards in achieving new vision of reputable study program. 

This event was the first batch and was attended by 131 participants from universities in Indonesia (October, 15).

Two lectures of Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEIB) UIN Antasari was invited to attend this event. They were Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Syaugi Mubarak Seff and Secretary of SPI, Zaki Mubarak

“The reason of events is to review the formulation of study program accreditation objectives related to new standards along with the stages of achieving goals and strengthening strategies in terms of SPMI, LKS, LED, and techniques for preparation of Study Program Accreditation Reports,” Syaugi said.

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