A Stepping Stone

Learning Management System (LMS) training is being conducted by Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) UIN Antasari, Banjarmasin in collaboration with PUSTIPD.

The main objective of the training is to facilitate lecturers in adopting e-learning or online classes for students, in the prevalent situation. The training will also include e-learning content preparation and effective use of online teaching tools.

FEBI Dean, Fathurrahman Azhari, while inaugurating the training on September 22, highlighted how the emerging trends of virtual learning systems support lecturers in imparting knowledge in classroom. He encouraged all to actively participate in the training, learn and make best use of the opportunity to upgrade their skills with technology usage. “The training will become a stepping stone for us to become more knowledgeable in providing blended learning to the students,” he said.

This initiative will provide an opportunity for the educators to develop a successful working knowledge and understanding of online teaching strategies.


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